Swindon Fringe FAQs

What will it cost?

It costs nothing to enter the Swindon Fringe Festival. We feel that many fringe festivals have become money making exercises for the organisers and theatres involved, rather than being about the promotion and support of new performing arts. By not charging people to enter the fringe, we aim to remove much of the financial burden from companies.

Will we get paid?

The way it works financially is we engage the various venues and take responsibility for all the hire fees, tech and marketing costs for the fringe as a whole. The performing companies sign a contract once they’ve been formally added to the programme, but we don’t take any upfront fees. We schedule shows in pairs with one £12 ticket covering two performances. Once the fringe is over, we take out the costs of all venue hire, technicians & fringe marketing from the collective takings. We then take 10% of the remainder as Madam Renards’ cut and distribute the rest of the money to the companies, based on the percentage of tickets sold for their show.

For example, if there were 3 pairs of shows in the fringe, selling 10, 20 and 30 seats respectively; after the costs had been taken out the shows selling 10 would split a sixth of the remaining takings, the shows selling 20 would split 2 sixths and the shows selling 30 would split half.

The advantage of this system is you can’t lose money on venue hire, (like you certainly can with other fringe festivals). It also is designed to encourage people to market the fringe as a whole, not just their own shows (as the larger the entire festival takings, the larger everyone’s cut will be).

Do we need to find our own venue?

We engage with all the available venues and will schedule shows in venues appropriate to their size and requirements.

Will we need to bring our own lighting and sound technicians?

You are welcome to bring your own technician, however an in house technician will be available for each performance to assist/run your show.

How long will we have the venue for, to do get-in, get-out and tech rehearsals?

As it is a fringe festival, then time in the spaces prior to the performance is generally limited to a couple of hours. If anyone has a specific need for more time, then please let us know and we will see whether this can be accommodated.

Do we need to provide people to do front of house?

We will provide front of house staff.

How will you promote our show?

We create a brochure for the fringe, which is distributed to all the fringe venues, as well as other public places in the area (libraries etc). We put all the show posters on our website and have an active social media presence before and during the fringe to promote the shows that are on. We encourage performers to promote their shows and the fringe as a whole as much as possible, as this increases the audience and takings for everyone involved.

Where can people buy tickets for our performance?

Tickets will be sold through the Wyvern Theatre and will also be available on the door prior to each performance. A limited number of Golden Tickets will be available for the fringe; these are heavily discounted and allow people to see as many performances in the fringe as they wish.

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