The Swindon Fringe blog…Jessie discusses the 175 Heritage Night!

Happy Easter Weekend Theatre Lovers!

To celebrate, we have decided to give you the special treat of a Jessie blog! It will be as innocent as a little lamb skipping round a field and as pretty as a decorated egg!

Here at the Swindon Fringe headquarters we are celebrating because it’s one week to go till the opening night…(by ‘celebrating’ I mean stressing, swearing and crying). Our first event at the Fringe is The Swindon 175 Heritage Night on the 1st April. This is a chance to dress up and come and drink some champagne with us.

175-Heritage-Night final-page-001

“What does the Swindon Fringe have to do with trains?” I hear you ask. Well… I’ll have you know that Swindon 175 isn’t just about trains. It is about all the awesome things that have happened in Swindon in the last 175 years. It’s about celebrating what Swindon has and what Swindon will become, because of the efforts of people now. As we’re now officially the Swindon Fringe Festival we want to play a major part of promoting the brilliant arts and culture made in the town; much of which is often then exported all over the UK. Swindon 175 and Swindon Fringe are about the past present and future of Swindon culture and achievement.

The Swindon Fringe 175 Heritage event will be celebrating expressive arts in Swindon. To do this we have got local singing teacher Janice Thompson to talk about Swindon: The Opera. This was produced in 2012, written by Matt Fox and Betty Roe, and tells the story of Swindon history from the 1960’s till 2012. (You must all remember this event. Matt was on national radio a lot talking about how Swindon definitely does have culture). Janice has put together a talk about producing this. I can tell you now that Swindon: The Opera was a massive and epic undertaking and those of us who were part of it carry it with us in our hearts.

To compliment this we have Swindon Film Network who have been busily working away to provide you with a tribute to Swindon through film. This will be a great chance to see what Swindon has to offer in the way of film. I was lucky enough to see some of their work at the last fringe and I know that we have some fantastically creative people making films locally.

Representing the future of performing arts in Swindon we have performers from the Pauline Quirke Academy. We have to say an enormous thank you to PQA. Here at the Swindon Fringe we are all about giving as much back to the fringe acts as we can, but we need money to pay for the boring stuff like publicity and insurance, etc, etc… We have had some amazing sponsorship from PQA. It’s great that a national company can support local community events like this. We are thrilled that we can offer these talented youngsters opportunities to perform!

To finish the evening off we have Charlotte Johnson singing. Charlotte is a Madam Renards star. She was the Best Man in The Bridal Ballad, and most recently she played Ria in our latest tour of Nights… but then she got inconveniently pregnant. We are looking forward to Charlotte singing jazz standards with her gorgeous voice.

I recommend you get there for the beginning of the evening to see teenage classical soprano, Matilda Wale. I have known that Tilly would be a star since she was 6 years old. She will be singing a selection of classical and musical theatre pieces. She is worth the ticket price by herself!  And she’s named after a robot wars robot… which is awesome!

So… come on down to STEAM next Friday night! Facebook says dress in your fancy pants… I won’t be letting anyone in who is just in their pants, call me a prude if you like. Fancy pants and fancy clothes please!

Love to all

Jessie Thompson: Co-Director : Madam Renards
Tickets: £10.00 (advanced, will be £12 on door)
Student: £5.00
Platinum Ticket: £50.00 (Includes entry to every Swindon Fringe Festival event)


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