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Before you dive into this Friday’s blog (and it’s a good’un this week). First we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has already bought their tickets. Your support for the arts in Swindon is tremendous and we really do hope you make the most of what this Swindon Fringe Festival has to offer. With such a wide diverse set of acts there really is a little something for everyone.

If you haven’t quite booked your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? There is only a handful of Platinum Tickets left (which is equal to about £2 a show!) and standard tickets are £2 cheaper if you buy them in advance. Pick your favourite or take a punt at something you’d never usually see. Support your local arts and show some love to those who have travelled from Bristol to Brazil to entertain you.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there.

In The Spotlight

The Comedians

Monday 5th April, 7pm

Tuesday 6th April, 7pm

The Victoria


Joy Carter – Spot The Difference

Inventive TV comedian Joy Carter presents her new stand-up comedy show about her differences.
Who are we? Who are you? Brilliant storytelling is her trademark as she explores her own adoption and surrounding issues. Adoption is tragic, it’s sad, but it can be unbelievably hilarious! Joy explains this stuff even using her beloved flute ‘Bertie’ and is the only UK comic to play the flute angrily. Expect the bravery and brilliance of FUNNY.

“So Brilliant” – Jo Brand

“Warmed and wowed me” – Arthur Smith

“Her comic style makes her one to watch out for” – Daily Mail, John James Anisiobi

Joy Carter

Matt Hoss – Vegetari-Man!

Matt’s turn to vegetarianism has agitated everyone: from his overly-masculine flatmates to his northern Beef-Farming family.

This pioneering stand-up comedy show reveals the positive side of vegetarianism, as well as featuring historically famous vegetarians, unforgiving meat-eating parents and uncomfortable encounters in restaurants. Matt’s new found lifestyle also questions modern masculinity: Can Matt be a vegetarian AND manly at the same time? I doubt it.

Matt Hoss

Justin Panks – Joy Is The Enemy Of Progress

Are you happy? No, of course not. You’re not supposed to be. The only human beings who are truly happy sit around the war memorial drinking shoe polish.

Forget trying to be being happy, embrace the misery and try to enjoy the simple things in life, such as an hour of unpretentious, brutally honest stand-up comedy that’s way better than you think it’s going to be.

“He sees that thin line, and he runs towards it at full speed, but stops in just time to avoid seriously getting anyone’s nose out of joint” – ★★★★

Justin Panks

Charmian Hughes – When Comedy Was Alternative (The Laughs and Loves Of A She Comic)

The 1980’s! That’s when comedy was alternative! Packed with jokes and stories, Charmian tells the tale of the notorious Tunnel Club, death-threat heckling, Frank Skinner’s avocado, steaming hot cuppas with Eddie Izzard, a doomed love for Tinky Winky, and a compulsory drugs hell and how if alternative comedy didn’t save the world, it still saved the girl.

A stripped-back and delightful tale of alternative comedy’s heyday” – The List

“Clowning skills, storytelling, rhetoric and good old style ‘set up and punch’ ..Well-crafted 50 minute show. Warm fuzziness” – ★★★★ Funny Women

“One for comedy fans” – Bruce Dessau

Charmian Hughes

Who are they?

Joy Carter

Joy Carter was born in Nigeria. She was adopted by a white couple and grew up as the only black person in Scunthorpe, which was not relaxing. After a spell as a showgirl, which sat easily with her Christian beliefs, she turned to comedy. Joy is a successful established musical comedian on the flute and piano. She has worked in the UK and abroad for over 12 years. In 2015 she went to Edinburgh with her debut musical comedy show ‘Aspects of Joy’ which was well received.

Matt Hoss

A one man company. Matt Hoss from North Yorkshire is bringing his pioneering show as it features elements of vegetarianism but talking about it in a positive way. The show isn’t a vegan rant, but just a funny look at vegetarianism and how it has recently affected his life.

Justin Panks

Justin Panks with his skewed observational eye and the ability to approach seemingly ordinary subjects from extraordinary angles, Justin strikes the perfect balance between the relatable and the outrageous. His tales of relationship, parenthood and life in general are raw, honest and above all funny.

Charmian Hughes

Comedian Charmian Hughes studied clowning under Philippe Gaulier and Theatre de Complicite, but unable to uphold the mime vow of silence, ran away to play stand-up comedy clubs throughout the nation entertaining everyone from members of the House of Commons to ‘Lifers’ in prison (not to be confused). Charmian has stalked Chris Huhne and gave Frank Skinner his first avocado.


What’s special about them?

Swindon Fringe Festival would not be a Fringe Festival without a good set of top notch, side splitting, brilliant comedians. Each comedian will be performing a one hour solo comedy stand up storytelling show at The Victoria in Old Town where buying drinks at the bar is deeply encouraged.

Charmian Hughes – When Comedy Was Alternative (The Laughs and Loves of a She Comic) talks about 1980’s Alternative Comedy…and her part in its Clownfall. It’s packed with good jokes and true stories – death-threat heckling, steaming hot cuppas with Eddie Izzard and a doomed love affair with Tinky Winky. Matt Hoss – Vegetari-Man! looks at his life in the last year from being a vegetarian and the comical hardships received from boyish lads, aggressive flatmates and beef-farming family members. Joy Carter – Spot The Difference was created in response to audiences in Edinburgh wanting to know more about her adoption story. So in November 2015 she started to research and writer her new show and already it has been well received at the Leicester Comedy Festival. And Justin Panks – Joy is the Enemy of Progress is a straight shooting comedian. Throwing truth bombs at society where needed and overall making sure everyone in the room gets a chance to laugh at him as well as themselves.

I suggest if you want to get to know them better then have a look (and chuckle) at their answers below.


What they had to say…

What are your show’s unique / special / selling point?

JC: It is the first show in the UK to tackle the concept of adoption and fostering.

I would be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?

JC: …encouraged someone to adopt or foster a child one day.

MH: …had a cheerleading team before I went onstage.

JP: …had an audience.

If your show was a superhero, who would it be?

MH: I think Vegetari-Man already sounds like the worst superhero ever.

What will the public like about your performance?

JC: The truth, outlandish creative storytelling and relentless joyfulness.

MH: I think they will like my charming nature and will like the show as a whole because it is a silly but fun show with a nice message to it. At the very base of it – it will be a funny hour.

JP: The jokes.

Describe your show in 3 words:

JC: Innovative. Pioneering. True.

MH: Awkward family dispositions. I bet you were expecting me to say vegetables. Well I didn’t.

JP: Clever dick jokes.

What’s the weirdest feedback you’ve ever received?

JC: ‘Did you make up the adoption story just for the show?’

MH: Someone once told me I needed to go and get a girlfriend.

JP: ‘I liked it, it was funny, but I would have liked it more if it was different.’


If you would like to see Joy Carter and Matt Hoss on the Monday 4th April, book your tickets here:


If you would like to see Justin Panks and Charmian Hughes on the Monday 4th April, book your tickets here:



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