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Sunday 10th April, 2pm

Town Hall Theatre: Swindon Dance

The Glummer Twins

Stand-up poetry, comedy and music for the beat generation. Thirty years after they first appeared together with the legendary Circus of Poets, David Harmer and Ray Globe are back as the irrepressible Glummer Twins to put the 21st century to rights. Two old blokes. One guitar. Rock and rhyme and poetry.

Middle aged men in lycra, trainspotters, funeral etiquette, ageing mods, seventies nightclubs, turning 60 (and taking it badly), buying a car from a dodgy dealer in Doncaster, middle class elderly rappers, foreign holidays and much more. Coach parties welcome.

“Genuinely funny” – Saga Magazine

Glummer Twins

CJ Cabaret

Charlotte Johnson’s School of Dance presents the dark and beautiful story of Little Red Riding Hood.

The Senior students of the school will take you on a dance journey back to rural England in 1950, introducing you to the precocious Red Riding Hood who is spoiled by the gift of a brand new red cape and is sent on a journey through the village and woodland to visit her grandmother by her work-worn mother.

Will she reach her Grandmother safe and well? And what will greet her when she reaches the lonely cottage in the wood?

CJ Cabaret

Who are they?

David Harmer and Ray Globe were once part of a comedy poetry group Circus Of Poets which also included Ian McMillan and John Turner. Circus of Poets toured Europe and appeared on TV reading out their words – angry, funny, politically angsty verse – to anyone who’d listen. One reviewer called them “the Four Tops of Poetry”. Then they grew older, got respectable jobs and decided living out of a van in the name of art was a younger man’s game. Now, some 30 years after they first appeared on stage together as idealistic pups, the duo has formed the wizened Glummer Twins (the grumpier version of The Glimmer Twins) to put the 21st century to rights.

Charlotte Johnson is the principal of the CJ School of Dance. It started out as one afterschool dance club for kids in Peatmoor, Swindon. 9 years later, Charlotte Johnson’s school has grown and now they teach classes and disciplines in ballet, tap, modern jazz, street, character, national, lyrical, drama and singing! She teaches most of the classes and organises all the events, shows, exams and festivals that the students of the school take part in.

Charlotte started dancing at the age of 4 at the Tanwood school of dancing and has now performed all over the country including in shows in London’s finest venues: Peacock Theatre, Her Majesty’s Theatre and the Queen Elizabeth Hall . This year she brings her best and brightest senior students to the Swindon Fringe for CJ Cabaret

What’s special about them?

The Glummer Twins is a fast paced, rhythmic two handed stand-up comedy poetry based [very] loosely around the theme of getting older. They digitally loop vocal harmonies, countermelodies and guitar riffs with the grumbly ramblings of two older gentlemen. They come to Swindon on the back of some great feedback from a run at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival of 2015. It’s funny, laid back, musical and nostalgic. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon!

CJ Cabaret are a fun and inspiring dance company that will entertain you like no other. Performing an alternative version of Red Riding Hood this hauntingly entertaining piece will make you want to get your dancing shoes back on. There isn’t much more I can say about them apart from you HAVE to watch it.

This afternoon session is a perfect place to end the Swindon Fringe Festival. Finishing as it started, two shows from completely different ends of the arts spectrum combining to create a wonderful mismatch of unadulterated fun and entertainment. If you can’t make it to the first 9 days of the Swindon Fringe Festival, make sure you come on Sunday 10th April at 2pm to see it off!

What they had to say…

What’s special / unique about your show?

GT: It’s a unique format blending comedy poetry and music around a loose narrative.

CJ: Something a little different from the other shows at the fringe as it is all dance based.

If your show was a superhero, who would it be?

GT: An ageing Batman and Robin

CJ: Probably Wonder Woman as it’s an all female cast!

What was your first starring role?

GT: Amazingly I performed with David in a South Yorkshire Theatre for Youth production of Teahouse of the Audist Moon in Rotherham in 1969. Yes, 1969! After that we went our separate ways and didn’t meet up again until 1985.

CJ: Anita in West Side Story but before this I did a revue style short cabaret act playing Sally Bowles from Cabaret and Velma Kelly from Chicago.

Who inspires your work?

GT: Dylan, the beat poets, the Liverpool poets, Marx Brothers, Morecambe and Wise, John Cooper Clarke, Duane Eddy

CJ: Bob Fosse, Gillian Lynne, Matthew Bourne, Savion Glover to name a few!!!

What kind of audiences do you appeal to?

GT: Everyone. We wrote the show with the saga generation in mind and it does go down especially well with the over 50s. However, we’ve been delighted at how well it’s been received by younger people, especially students.

CJ: Those that are interested in and enjoy Dance.


If you would like to see these two great performances on the Sunday 10th March, book your tickets here:






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