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Friday 8th April, 7pm


The Ladykillers by TS Theatre

Three female killers, three monologues.

The Ladykillers by award winning Swindon playwright Matt Fox is not based on the Ealing Comedy Film of 1955 nor the 2004 USA adaptation with Tom Hanks. This original piece is dark & stark in three vignettes: Listen up as a cold-blooded assassin, a victim seeking the ultimate revenge and a mother forced into an agonising decision bare their souls and ‘fess up. As The Ladykillers speak their mind, the audience will be forced to reconsider society’s views on crime and punishment, and what it really means to end a life.

This uncensored piece of theatre has been presented throughout the UK and US, and left a distinct chill in the spines of everyone in its path.

_The Ladykillers (2)

Dominion by TheatreHub

Dominion – a new play by Max Brandt – tells the delicate, intense and ultimately tender story of two people caught in a situation that neither had planned for or wanted.

Siobhan Lock has a problem…apart from having cancer that is. She has to find her husband, Eddie, a new partner before her time finally comes. Then, of course, there’s The Man.

Only Siobhan can see him and he seems to have her best interests at heart.

When your love is all you have, how do you say goodbye?

“Dominion will quite literally take your breathe away”

“Poignant and magnificent”


Who are they?

TS Theatre was created in 2010 in Swindon. What the does the TS stand for? Only those in the company get to find out. What does TS Theatre do? They make you laugh, gag, cry and above all entertain the pants off of you. They perform modern (and often original) works that reflect society and it’s ugly humour.

With successful runs at the Swindon Arts Centre with Game Face and their sell-out performance of A Clockwork Orange at The MECA, this group are showing off their feminine side with The Ladykillers on the 8th April.

Theatre Hub are a professional theatre company based in Dartmouth. They delight in bringing both the traditional and the new to audiences in the South West. Utilising as much home-grown talent as they can their productions are always vibrant, exciting and thought-provoking. Active in the community they also involve themselves in educational programmes taking Shakespeare into schools whilst also offering corporate training in presentation and communication skills. Dominion is written by the Artistic Director of Theatre Hub, Max Brandt.

What’s special about them?

This is not an evening for the light hearted It is laced with sinful admissions, tragic endings and dark humour. For those who love to be pushed emotionally by live performances, this is the night for you.

The Ladykillers written by Swindon’s own Matt Fox is comprised of three female monologues, wherein each explains how they have committed a murder. Each voice encapsulates the unique but unforgivable situations they found themselves and what drove them to commit the most unlawful of acts. This performance is yet another example of unique and original writing, for anyone out there that thinks that Shakespeare is the only thing you’re likely to see in a Theatre and that ‘new writing’ means waiting for Game of Thrones Season 6 then I implore you to come and see The Ladykillers. It is fresh, thrilling and frightfully good.

Dominion is a play that broaches a sensitive subject, and one that many will be able to relate to. Siobhan is terminal. However, this play is not about her physical battle with cancer, it is far more harrowing. Instead it focuses on how the disease affects the ones she holds dearest. Dominion is an unconventional love story about a woman trying to organise the lives of those around her for when she is no longer with them.

Balancing grief and despair with gentle humour, you will be moved, enthralled and above all entertained by the delicate dialogue and open honesty of this story of saying goodbye.

Don’t forget to pack the tissues…

What they had to say…

What your show’s selling point / highlight?

TS: Three female killers. What’s not to like?

Describe your company in 3 words:

TS: Brave. Dedicated. Fun

TH: Fun. Informative. Entertaining

I would be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?

TH: …made people look at their partners/loved ones and value them for who they are.

What is the weirdest feedback you’ve ever received?

TS: We were once asked to take a show to fetish clubs around the UK.

What kind of audiences do you appeal to?

TH: Anyone who is in love, who has suffered a loss, who wants real live theatre that doesn’t preach or demand they support a cause.


If you would like to see these two great performances on the Friday 8th March, book your tickets here:






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