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In The Spotlight

Tuesday 5th April, 7pm

Phoenix Theatre, Swindon College


The Escapists – by The Space Opera Theatre Company

A man turns to time travel to escape a relationship – and his landlord.

A pair of lovers share a tryst on the eve of a murder.

An estranged couple search for reconciliation through meditation.

A superhero prepares to destroy the world to save one life.

The Escapists – four stories about people who – by mistake or design – substitute dreams for reality. And then reality rushes in… sometimes a happy ending can be salvaged. Sometimes.

Written by Karoline Kew and Andrzej Wawrowski

Directed by June Trask


Scheherazade’s Shed by Chloë Of The Midnight Storytellers

A one woman riot of luscious language, giggles and unexpected endings.

Chloë of The Midnight Storytellers performs unique spoken word cabaret for grown-ups. Literary short stories and horror, true life tales and magical realism – this is real, live, hot off the tongue verbal jazz. They say every man needs his shed, but where does a 21st century Scheherazade go to kick off her sparkly slippers and play with new kinds of story? Come to the virtual boudoir of Scheherazade’s Shed!

Sheharzade's Shed

Who are they?

Karolina Kew and Andrzej Wawrowski are writers and co-founders of The Space Opera Theatre Company. They have produced The Escapists to perform four of their short plays, two debut pieces and two that were highly received in Bristol and Southville. With director June Trask (Panning For Gold Edinburgh Fringe, Loose Tongues – Barnstaple Fringe) The Space Opera Theatre Company bring surreal cosmic travel stories out of their minds and onto the stage.

Chloë, has enchanted adults and children across the UK and beyond, reaching new audiences with her pioneering Story Cabaret shows. Chloë Of the Midnight Storytellers is bringing the maturer side of her storytelling to Swindon with Scheherazade’s Shed to mark her 15th anniversary as a one woman roadshow.

What’s special about them?

Great Stories. Fantastical, hilarious, scary, uplifting, twisting, gripping, genuine and surreal stories. Bring your marshmallows! on the 5th of April at the Phoenix Theatre, we promise you a night of storytelling that you won’t forget.

The four stories that make up The Escapists catch their respective heroes in moments of their lives when they’re forced to acknowledge the shortcomings they’ve been desperately trying to avoid. These tales are surreal on the surface but their foundations lie in themes that are much closer to home. Ever considered murdering your wife? Still putting the finishing touches on the time machine in the shed? Do you follow the Pope on twitter? You’ll either be entertained or worried that The Space Opera Theatre Company have been reading your blog! Either way, it’s a Comedy Horror Sci-Fi mix that is bound to keep you engrossed all evening.

Scheherazade’s Shed (try saying that after a couple of drinks) is a solo show of Spoken Word: Storytelling for Adults. An intimate and emotionally powerful show featuring contemporary themes and pieces devised from literary short stories and specially written new fiction. A master storyteller regaling real life tales fused with fantasy and mystery, delivered beautifully with wicked humour and bundles of personality.


What they had to say…

Describe your show in 3 words:

TE: Twisted. Dark. Funny

SS: Intriguing. Original. Sharp.

What will the public like about your performance?

TE: Expect to be surprised. There’ll be plot twists, fights with dangerous weapons, props out of this world…

SS: Audiences enjoy the mix of moods, unusual stories with unexpected endings and quite wicked humour – really dark in places!

I would be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?

TE: made you laugh and think.

SS: reaches people who’ve never experienced live storytelling before.

Who inspires your work?

TE: Storytellers! Whether successful professionals or aspiring beginners working on their first play. The amazing atmosphere of the writer’s room where stories are conjured out of thin air and become real.

SS: Mainly stand-up comedians, especially Eddie Izzard and Bill Bailey, for their mixing of real life and fantastical craziness.

What’s your shows’ selling point / highlight?

TE: A time machine. And a steak knife.


If you would like to see these two great performances on the Tuesday 5th April, book your tickets here:





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