The Swindon Fringe Friday Blog…and it’s a big one this week

Week three of the Swindon Fringe Blog. Tickets are selling well, including the sought after Platinum Tickets. As an added extra to the Swindon Fringe Festival this year, every ticket you buy gives you access to the Swindon Fringe Closing Night on Sunday 10th April for free! This evening will have great music from local bands such as Sweet Nightingale. Dancing will be encouraged and an award presentation will take place for the performances at the Fringe.

Book now at or at the Wyvern Box Office 01793 524481.

This week is a big blog with 4 shows in the spotlight. If you fancy getting to know how fun and giggly a Sunday in Swindon can get, read on!

In The Spotlight

Sunday 3rd April, 2pm & 7pm

M.E.C.A & The Place – Wyvern Theatre


Dog Show by Sylvia Hunt Presents

“Keep your beady eye on this seriously funny and talented performer!” Chris Pirie – Green Ginger

Coiffed and teased to perfection, clipped and trimmed in all the right places Sylvia Hunt’s Dog Show is a fabulous 50 minutes of canine hijinks and biscuit slobbering joy!

Comedienne and puppeteer Sylvia Hunt explores the complex co-dependant relationship we share with our canine companions via a series of doggy vignettes. Humorous, hilarious and painfully poignant, Dog Show will prove once and for all that it is impossible not to smile at a four legged sausage as it scampers down the road!

Dog Show is a cabaret of tail wagging comedy and ingenuity featuring animated creatures and stage trickery by puppet maestro Mr Marc Parrett.

Beware of low flying squirrels!


Cinco Coisas by Bianca Bertalott

Cinco Coisas is a solo show structured around the five basic needs of a child – Place, Love, Support, Protection and Limitation. Through dance, play, clowning and improvisation it proposes to lead the audience on a purely human experience.

A playful, poignant and inspiring show where two opposing viewpoints, but also complementary, are presented by a single actress, who covers the polarities through the staging of two clowns and a narrator.

The show aims to highlight the human vulnerability of the spectator existent since childhood, but doing so in a playful and entertaining way, as is characteristic of the clown.

cinco coisas-page-001

Tales From A Jam Jar by Peter Mawson

Steve is a laid back garden fly who likes nothing more than pi**ing off the bees and sleeping on fox fur. But when he sees that a new creature lives in a shelter made of bricks, and likes to walk on two feet he can’t help but be fascinated. So he decides to move in with them to take a closer look.  Steve knows that these creatures are large and don’t take too kindly to those around them, but in his eyes some things are just too sweet to resist…

Tales from a Jam Jar

Guerilla Aspies by Paul Wady

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dublin for the AsIAm charity, numerous venues for National Autistic Societies supporter events such as Newcastle, Nottingham and Stargate.  Lots of London venues.  The world’s first, unique autism conversion show started in 2015 & continues on.

Paul Wady works for the NAS, was diagnosed in 2004 and published his book Guerilla Aspies – a neurotypical society infiltration manual in 2014.  Know nothing about neurodiversity and could not care less about autism?  Good.  This show is for you.

Come join the new normal.  It’s what Saga Noren, Alan (the autistic) Gardener and Temple Graundin want you to do.

Guerilla Aspies

Who are they?

Sylvia Hunt Presents Dog Show which is touring across the UK at various comedy festivals such as Bath and Barnstaple. An accomplished performer and producer, Sylvia Hunt’s high energy shows have amused, amazed and delighted adult audiences across the UK. She is a physical performer that specialised in comedy, comedic dance and puppetry. Based in Bath, Sylvia’s style is eccentric and eclectic, somewhere between Spike Milligan and Paul O’Grady.

Bianca Bertalott studied theatre, dance and clowning in her home country of Brazil. She has trained with Nose to Nose, Franki Anderson, Gerry Flanagan and UK’s own contemporary circus and physical theatre company, Circomedia. Her other hobby is psychology. In Cinco Coisas Bianca combines clowning and psychology into a playful performance that is built from her own experiences.

Peter Mawson is a returning Swindon Fringe performer. With last year’s successful run of Quills and Crosses, he is back with Tales From A Jam Jar. Peter came to perform solo shows simply because there were stories out there he wanted to tell. He writes and performs pieces that observe the isolated beauty in overlooked events.

Paul Wady was diagnosed with High-functioning Autism, or Aspergers, in 2004 at the age of 41. He met his wife a few months after and found they were both at the same age and had the same diagnosis. His inspiration for Guerilla Aspies comes from personal experience and that of every autistic person he’s ever met. He wants you to know that Autism does not make you a victim of your own behaviour and so he uses his performance and theatre skills to simulate the condition and to bring people into his world.
What’s special about them?

Sunday the 3rd of April is a big day with 4 shows performing across two venues in Swindon. What’s special about them? They all stare conventional theatre in the face and laugh. They are unique and novel takes on modern theatre. They all offer an alternative perspective on the human experience. But make no mistake, they are very distinctive from each other and that is what’s so great about this full day of Fringe Theatre.

At 2pm in M.E.C.A, Dog Show and Cinco Coisas are two shows that give us a look into human interaction with those we hold dear to us. Dog Show by Sylvia Hunt is a light hearted comedy which examines the relationship between man and man’s best friend. She performs with 15 different puppets of varying shapes and dog sizes that will make you laugh and coo. Brilliant Brazilian Bianca Bertalott’s Cinco Coisas is a piece of physical theatre that fuses clowning and psychology to explore the partnership between parent and child.

And as the sun sets, the Fringe gets more experimental. Tales From A Jam Jar is a fly-on-the-wall story. Literally. Narrated by a fly (complete with fly costume) Peter Mawson brings us a new viewpoint into the life of a dysfunctional family. This one act comedy is an intriguing take on a subject we can all relate to. And last but most certainly not least. The first of its kind, Guerilla Aspies by Paul Wady offers an unparalleled insight into the world of Autism. Guerilla Aspies aims to remove the stigma surrounding this neurodiverse group of people by giving audience members a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be autistic. A cross between a comedy and an interactive lecture, don’t be afraid to put your hand up! This show is big on audience participation and is bound to leave you with a smile on your face and a brand new outlook.

If you want the Fringe experience, to broaden your horizons and see some truly alternative theatre then Sunday the 3rd of April is for you.

What they had to say…

What are your show’s unique / special / selling point?

SH: It’s got lots of dogs in it!

BB: It bridges psychology and performing arts.

PM: I’m a giant fly in a large world.

PW: I convert audiences into autistics. It’s funny and entertaining and it does not portray us as victims of our own nature.

I would be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?

BB: touched the hearts of many and allowed people to share their own stories

PW: wasn’t struck by lightning

If your show was a superhero, who would it be?

BB: Professor X because he knows a bit of everything and he takes care of people who don’t know how to take care of themselves.

PW: The one who goes around making a lot of sense and uniting people. It would be Buddha.

What will the public like about your performance?

SH: The dogs, the comedy, the squirrel, the music, the technical trickery, and the puppet waggling.

PM: They’ll like its intimacy and its perspective

Describe your show in 3 words:

SH: Dogs, dogs, me!

BB: Poignant, funny, informative.

PM: Tiny, gigantic, cosy.

What kind of audiences do you appeal to?

BB: Caregivers of the world. Anyone who is looking after someone growing up or those who have grown up themselves and have been looked after.

PW: Any. Particularly people who never go near autism. I want to find audiences who haven’t a clue and who aren’t interested in it.

If your show was commissioned for TV, what channel and time would it be on?

SH: ITV Saturday at 6pm and then on Channel 5 several years later…

BB: BBC 2 6pm

PM: Channel 4 about 9pm

PW: Channel 4 9pm because of the adult content…

If you would like to see these two great performances on the Sunday 3rd April matinee, book your tickets here:

And book Sunday 3rd April evening tickets here:


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